Reconfigure: Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E-Wifi

Every several days I keep getting the Notification:

Integration requires reconfiguration

At least one of your integrations requires reconfiguration to continue functioning. [Check it out]

To fix this I have to provide my username and password for the Schluter account. In the past this would occur maybe every 3-4 months but now it seems to be occurring every 3-4 days.

Anyone have this problem or found a solution??

This a cloud solution and DITRA’s website has been bouncing up and down lately. My thermostats have been disappearing off my Dashboard much more frequently lately.

A reboot of HA fixes it because after a certain period of time I believe HA stops trying to connect.

I am curious where you are seeing this and where you are entering your credentials as this is a YAML based Integration. So where are you entering your username and password?

When I get the above notification I go to Settings/Devices & Services and click on the Schluter integration. A login window pops up for the username/password.

That is weird as I do not have it show up in my Integrations.

Do you have a HACS Add-On installed? You have me curious now.

I wonder if we have different integration. Mine is a custom integration. There is no YAML entries.

GitHub - IngoS11/ha-schluter: An alternative to the default Schluter integration in Homeassistant

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Yep we do.

Thank you for solving the mystery. In the OOTB integration there is nothing in the GUI. (Somewhat disappointing IMHO)

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