Reconfiguring weather after relocating

We recently moved homes.

I have a weather card on the Lovelace UI.

When I first installed Home Assistant, I didn’t configure the UI in YAML. The weather card was created automatically based on input I gave during the initial setup.

About 2 months ago I switched the UI config to YAML. I manually added the weather card and used the existing weather entity (for my home address then). I didn’t set up that entity (thus, it’s not in my configuration.yaml).

At my new address, I thought that maybe after updating my home location under the homeassistant: section and updating my home zone: that a new weather entity would be created. It could be that the old entity is using the new lat long, but I’m unable to tell the difference, as it’s still the same town.

I would love to understand how the defaults were created in the first place and which weather platform it uses.

What would be the correct way for me to set and update my weather card? Do I need to explicitly set up a weather: platform? Must I create an entity or is it created when I setup the platform.

I can only find some thin and somewhat contradictory info as it seems things have changed a bit over time.

If you haven’t specified a weather platform in your configuration.yaml take a look at the integrations (Configuration - Integrations)

Sure, thanks, but I’d like to know which service it uses by default when one doesn’t create this explicitly via config. I really want to understand how the defaults are created. The docs for the weather platform/integration doesn’t state this, neither does it say whether one must create the entity explicitly (the one of the form weather.<nr>_<street>).

I understand your question, thats why I adviced to check the integration page. If you did not configure a weather platform manually you should be able to see which one is enabled through the UI integration setup.

You (almost) never create entities manually, they are created by an integration.

Those docs don’t explain what and how the defaults are created. Which of the many weather platforms would it use if it wasn’t configured explicitly? And what created the entity that has my old address as a name/ID in the format I mentioned? What will the name of the new entity be to use in the Lovelace config if I set up a weather platform? I don’t see any of this answered in the docs.

I think it’s but agian you should look at your HA integrations. If is enabled in your integrations, click on it, delete it and add it again.

Agian… :roll_eyes: you’ll find this at Configuration >> Integrations