Reconnect sonoff to esphome without having to connect to headers

I just wondered out of interest, I’ve got some sonoff 4ch pro’s that I used to use with esphome a while ago but I disconnected them and deleted them from esphome. Since they are already flashed with esphome, is it possible to reconnect them without having to physically connect to them with header pins again.

So to clarify I deleted the integration for these devices, I deleted them from esphome too and I don’t have the code I flashed them with anymore. But is it possible to connect to them and ota flash them with new code, without having to use the header pins again?

Many thanks


That depends on whether or not you set an OTA password.

yes I did and I still have those

Should be good to go then.

sorry how do I connect to it is there some tooling I can use?

Are they no longer connecting to your WiFi? I presumed that they would unless you’d changed your credentials.

no I’ve got new APs now

There’s probably some more advanced method to connect them where you provide a wifi hotspot with the old credentials but you’re best bet is probably to just use the hardwired connection to re-flash them.

If you know the old credentials, you could change your current network/create a new wireless network (if your APs support that) with the old credentials, connect them, reflash with the new wireless credentials, and revert everything back.

Or if you have captive_portal enabled, your esp should go to ap-mode 1min after start and from there you can make ota-update

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Go to entities and services in home assistant.

Click add integration.

Choose esphome.

Insert the hostname or IP address of the esphome device.