Record and store Audio with Automation for Noise Documentation

Hey dear community, I need your help :slight_smile:

Sadly, we have a problem with our downstairs neighbor. As she can’t tolerate the noise of our small children (0 and 2 years old), she is now repeatedly slamming her doors and shouting. As I don’t always have my cell phone to hand for recording and documenting the incidents is very tedious, I would like to automate this as much as possible. Perhaps somebody might be willing to help me?

My goal:
I would like to make an audio recording via automation (triggered by e.g. a button click via app or Zigbee Remote) and save it with the date and time.

Ideally, the recording should also run permanently and only be saved for the period 5 minutes before the button click and for about 20-30 minutes in total and otherwise deleted.

I have the following available:

  • Home Assistant (for automation)
  • Synology NAS (for saving the recordings)
  • Zigbee Remote or mobile app for as a trigger
  • Raspberry Pi or ESP32 as recording device

I still need a good but inexpensive (USB) microphone for this purpose, could someone recommend a suitable one from experience?

How would you implement something like this? It would be ideal to have a live stream and only export the desired time periods to mp3 files.

Alternatively, I could also start a recording every 30 minutes using a CRON job and save the required recordings to the NAS using another script that is triggered by the automation. After one day, I could then discard the recordings on the recording device.

I am very grateful for inspiring solution ideas from you! Also audio recording tipps are very welcome.