Record messages and notify them on proximity-based conditions

Hi! I am an absent-minded Home Assistant user, and was thinking on a feature. The idea is:

  • Some mechanism to add a message
  • Some mechanism to attach a zone (plus some flags) to that message
  • When a device enters / exits / goes toward the zone, notify that.

The idea is, “Remember to hang up clothes” attached to “arrive home”. Or “Buy groceries” when “going away from work”. I have a Telegram notify for that matter (in fact, each householder has one Telegram notify component).

What do you think would be best for that feature? A custom component? An AppDaemon? Some synergy between components which I am not seeing? It should be dynamic, and using the proximity component seems a good call (I am already using it and have owntracks installed).

What are your thoughts? Does that make sense? Which is the best approach?

See if this post gives you some ideas:

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