Recorder: Add option to split record to local + remote files instead of using include + exclude

Hello everyone,
I wanted to reduce the I/O cycles on my server and the first thing I wanted to address was the Recorder.
Now I noticed that you can include and exclude by domain, entity etc. and you can also use a remote database.

However, what would be really convenient would be the possibility to use include_local and include_remote and then be able to simply specify e.g. a cloud where the external data is stored in a file.

Why this approach?
If you lose internet connection, you won’t be able to write anything anymore if you have setup your database as a remote service. On the other hand, if you keep it local, you will needlessly stress your drive/SD card.
If you exclude to limit I/O, you also lose the information which you might not really want to lose.

So ideally there would be a solution that permits one to split the recording in two paths (local & remote). That way you could reduce I/O and at the same time record all the less relevant data that you find nice to have.
If possible, the remote database would in fact not be a full database but rather just an SQL file that is handled locally. That way you do not need to rent an external SQL server. All you need is cloud space to store the file.

Thank you for your consideration.