Recorder - Exclude an entity whos attribute is constantly changing

Is it possible to exclude recorder logging based on a specific entity attribute changing ?

My recorder database is packed full of useless records that I dont need, purely because some of my entities have several attributes of which one is constantly changing, for example, my voltage at home is constantly fluctuating, so every few seconds, a new record is added to the the recording database. I have this on many smart plugs and also my powerwall.

For example,
sensor.powerwall_load_now has the following attributes
{“frequency”: 50.0, “energy_exported_(in_kW)”: 0.0, “energy_imported_(in_kW)”: 16064.6, “instant_average_voltage”: 240.3, “is_active”: true, “unit_of_measurement”: “kW”, “friendly_name”: “Powerwall Load Now”, “device_class”: “power”}

My voltage is fluctuating up and down by .1 all the time and I now have over 500,000 database records over the past 6 months

I know I can exclude the whole of ‘sensor.powerwall_load_now’ and create a new sensor based on that, that doesn’t have the voltage attribute and just log that, but I was just curious if I’m missed something obvious in the recorder configuration?