Recorder ignores exclude globals?

For some reason the recorder entity_globs exclusions don’t work? (or at least when using mysql?)
I have multiple entries in it but they all are still recording (even entities that have been disabled in HA)
The normal entities exclusion seems to work fine though.

Excluding them does not remove them from the recorder database rather it stops adding new data to the states table. So check the states table.

This seems like the proper behavior as if you accidentally excluded everything you don’t want all the data in your database deleted.

I’m sorry that I was not clear enough, the result is from the last hour when it was disabled for about a day day.
I’m not asking to clear it at all, I want it to stop recording according to what I configured.

I now added them as entities as well and it seems that I was wrong that entities did work but they’re still going on strong.

Query I’m using
SELECT COUNT(*) AS cnt,s.metadata_id,m.entity_id FROM states s LEFT JOIN states_meta m ON s.metadata_id = m.metadata_id WHERE last_updated_ts > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 HOUR)) GROUP by metadata_id HAVING cnt > 200 ORDER BY cnt DESC

Look like you forgot “indents” and - is important in YAML

EDIT: Your entity_globs !

Thank you for pointing that out and I’m sorry I did not notice this sooner.
I changed the config and I’ll report back.
But since it didn’t work with the direct entities (which was correctly configured) I’m not getting my hopes up.
Unless you tell me this error makes the other exclusions not work as well?

What I don’t understand is, if I remove the - from the entities configuration, the configuration validator goes in error but not the globals?
Is that a bug in it self?

Could be, but i doubt, as the “indents” is correct, it just a letter, instead of a - :wink:


I guess this pic says it all … how should the “engine” know ?

Exclusions now work. :slight_smile:

Well I don’t claim to be an export on yaml but if I remove the dashes from the entities list I get this:

So I would reckon it would use the same logic?

i guess the “intents” is the right “word”, dont just remove the dashes, that could cause error, , IF you remove the dash and the -, so it looks like the above(faulty) “globs”, in line with !
( But as you dont show what you mean/did, i can’t tell :wink: )
Anyway, mark my answer as solution, and close this Topic

PS: the - can have different meanings, depending upon the previous row end etc