Recorder is no longer working

There’s an ambiguous notice in the most recent breaking changes that reads:

The recorder now refuses to set up if the database dialect is unsupported or if the database dialect is supported, but the version is too old.

I was operating HA with MariaDB and it was working just fine. MariaDB is on a separate host and is the latest version which exceeds the indicated minimum version on the Recorder integration page in the documents.

So, I installed MySQL in a new container and configured it correctly and redirected recorded to that server, but nothing happens except the following:

Starting sensor.sql, not everything will be available until it is finished.

Then the logs show that the recorder failed. I can’t find any other reference to any other errors that could help me solve this problem.

Even killing the recorder: line from the config to default back to the default database setup doesn’t solve the problem. What is this sensor.sql?