Recorder/Logbook/History Includes and Excludes confusion

Something very simple I bet, but I just can’t grasp it. I want to include a domain, exclude an entity glob (_*), but then include a specific entity that would normally match that glob. No I won’t switch to excluding the domain and then including the specific entity I want. I want to record anything in the sensor domain by default, except for specific entity glob patterns which includes entities I do want. I’d rather make my includes/excludes explicit within the configuration.

I’ve read the docs on the configure filter section but it is just confusing me a little bit.

Would something like this work (pass the recorder pass/fail logic) and allow just that one sensor to be recorded? Obviously I have more domains, entities, and entity globs than just this, it’s just an example.

      - sensor.dark_sky_*
      - sensor
      - sensor.dark_sky_current_temperature

I think your configuration is correct. Have you solved your issue? I am facing in similar issue.

I ended up taking a completely different approach. I only exclude entities, which according to the pass/fail logic means everything is recorded by default, except what I exclude. I can’t find it right now, but there was a community guide that had a great tutorial how to export a list of every entity in alphabetical order by domain, then by entity name. it exported as a CSV which you could then take that list and create your rules for recorder, logbook, and history.

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