Recorder: mariadb and influx db together? Hassio not connected


in a longer search for solving Hassio not connecting at startup, Ive disabled the db_url in recorder (pointing to Mariadb) and it appears to be directly related somehow.
Comment out db_url: (mariadb) and Hassio startup,
use db_url: (mariadb) and Hassio fails.

I was using Mariadb because the logfile kept growing and performance was getting worse over time. Also setup is InfluxDB which in itself feeds Grafana. At least theoretically, it is setup correctly, but im not really using it. But it works.

why would the db_url frustrate the Hassio setup? worked fine before the update to .68+.
Or would this be complete coinsidence.
Any thoughts appreciated.

the only other thing left i can think of (since updating to 0.68 + broke the Hue component) is Hue related. I have to keep playing with the lights in the Hue App to have the setup not brake Hassio. 100% repeatable. If i keep the App/Hub alive, it is connected, if not , it errors out saying it wont connect to the Hue at ip address and not connect Hassio…