Recorder - mysql - resets of sliders and booleans

i have recorder set up like this :

  db_url: !secret db_url
  db_url: 'mysql+pymysql://[user]:[passwd]@[ip]/[db]'

Right now i am doing a lot of restarts, sometimes HA freezes (generally my fault). I’ve noticed, that my sliders are not always where they should be - after some restarts all my sliders are reset do 0. How can i prevent that or what am i doing wrong? It is kind of annoying to have to set them over na over again.

When hass starts it tries to restore the input sliders to the last known state. So that’s the most probably reason they are being reset - their state change was not recorded in the database.

I understand that, but, if for some reason last session was broken, shouldn’t it look for the pre-broken session values ? It is like most of mine sliders do not change a lot - I have sliders e.g. to get “dynamic” offset from sunset/sunrise for automation which turns on/off my ambient bedroom light or window covers. those sliders got reset few times eventhough i didn’t touch mysql tables but made some restarts of HA (including ones that have non-valid conf of switch or other domain, which results in freezing my HA and need of “not quite normal” restart).

To be honest, I have no clue. I use a remote mysql database for recorder (150 kms away remote :smiley:) so I don’t rely on the recorder DB being present on restart. Instead I use the appdaemon to save and set the proper values from a local database.