Recorder which URL to use for MariaDB-> mysql:// or mysql+pymysql://?

I’m interest to move my HomeAssistant (Hassio) DB SQLite in MariaDB (Add-on) but reading both page of MariaDB and Recorder, it is unclear which URL header I should use in Configuration.yaml.

Mysql or Mysql+pymysql?


  • db_url: mysql+pymysql://SERVER_IP/DB_NAME?charset=utf8
  • db_url: mysql+pymysql://user:password@SERVER_IP/DB_NAME?charset=utf8


  • db_url: mysql://hass:securePassword@core-mariadb/homeassistant?charset=utf8

Using just mysql will use the default driver which is mysql-python, specifying pymysql will use that python library as the driver. So both are valid.

I’d use the default driver (don’t specify +pymysql) if you are not sure.

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what did you use at the end?