Recording Dog Noise?

We’ve been having problems with our neighbor’s dogs for some time. Constant loud barking, all hours of day and night. The neighbors are unfriendly and have done nothing, even though the police and animal services have been called out to talk to them. I hate to be a Karen, but we can’t even hear ourselves think, and it wakes both us and our AirBnB guests. (We’ve already tried a $250 ultrasound anti-bark device, I think the dog is deaf!)

The next step is to gather evidence and file a legal complaint with the city DA’s office. Based on the wording of the ordinance, I’ll have the best shot if I have a log of when barking has occurred, for how long, and how loud (at my property line).

Obviously I’m not going to find a calibrated outdoor-rated SPL meter with wifi connectivity and HA integration, but I would like to at least figure out a simple way to auto-record and timestamp audio every time the noise threshold outside goes above a certain (adjustable) level.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi - did you ever get anywhere with this? Looking to do something similar.

@boxgrove check this out:

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Not really. Bought a cheap IP camera with a microphone that I dedicated to the task, but it won’t stay booted for more than a few hours.