Recording Frigate Streams

I have my HA configured with A Frigate container. I can show both a high definition stream and a low quality with Frigate card using go2RTC via both WSM and WebRTC.

I can use a script/automation to record a camera stream using device_id such as:

service: camera.record
  duration: 10
  lookback: 5
  filename: /CCTV/Shed_Camera/Testing-device-01.mp4
  device_id: 6ab1aca699c01a0e081f1c5ae966483b

A low quality stream for recognition is saved and I cannot use entity_id. Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a way to record the high definition stream as the Frigate card by calling camera.record?
  2. Can I call camera.record with a frigate camera entity_id?

Thanks in advance.