Recources and custom repository's

Hi there,
because i’am a newby on Home Assistant i have got some issues here!
How to install things from out of the add-on store, that’s clear, but how do i get things from the recources and custom repository’s to work (or integrate) into the dashboard.
is there anybody who can give me some advices how to create these things into the config or what to do with the yaml?
looking forward for some advices, samples or tips.

Easiest way is to use Hacs

Thanks for the tip!
But what should i do after i “downloaded” the repository, before i can let it work in the dashboard that’s not clear to me.

There’s no generic answer for such a generic question. What is it you are having trouble with, and do the installation notes for that not give any clues?

understood that!
but, just to give an example, i have put this
GitHub - ol-iver/denonavr: Automation Library for Denon AVR receivers.
into my hacs and download it.
now it is visible in the frontend.
what do i have to do then?
maybe stupid but that’s the end of my experiance

That does not look like an integration ready for use, it looks more like a library to build integrations on. I get the feeling it is part of an actual integration, but not the integration itself. Maybe even the official one:

so that means that i have to build the integration myself.
many times i see that i have to change something in the yaml configuration but i realy don’t know how to do that.

i want to create a kind of dashboard where i can control my AVR, chromecast, Plex, kodi tv and so on.
it would be nice to create something that when pushing a button (or logo) that the Avr goes and simply switched to the Plex or Kodi and then adjust the volume and other kind of sources