Recover a user password without resetting it

Hi all,

I’m setting up a new tablet for my 10 year old and neither of us can remember what his HA password is. Whilst I can just reset it (my account which is admin / owner is fine) we didn’t want the hassle of having to update the credentials on his other 2 devices he has the companion app installed on (one of which is abroad and he won’t have access to again for a couple of months).

Is there any way I can get to it via CLI? Is it stored in a file somewhere in HASS?

Just HA Green if it makes a difference…?

Thanks - Steve

Passwords are rarely stored in systems today.
The normal way is to store an encrypted text and then compare that the encrypted of what the user inputs.

Your best change is to see if the password is stored in one of the other devices’s password manager, which might be the case if the HA have been accessed from a browser.