Recover history for a specific entity from backup


I have a system where recorder: was not set in my system so all history I have in the live system is the base 10 days, I just changed it to 120 days with inly specific include entities so the problem does not persist. My system use the default SQLite databse.

My system is setup with daily backup so I have 30 days of backup and I am looking to recover the last 30 days for a specific entity.

As I am green with SQLIte or any database manipulation, I looked but can’t find precise documentation on how I could do this, would anyone share a simple step by step procedure.

Thanks for any help

What is the entity? If it is a sensor with state_class measurement, total or total_increasing you should have long term statistics, which are kept indefinitely.

Cards like the Plotly graph card allow you to access long term statistics without addressing the database directly.

Unfortunately, the sensor is gps coordinates, so this is why I need to recover from history database