Recovering from a unbootable HASSIO

I had a power cut and my HASSIO wouldn’t come back online (didn’t respond to SSH or Samba shares). I have the SD card mounted and am extracting my YAML files (config, automations, etc etc etc). I want to know if there are any other files I should grab before I wipe and reinstall?

And once I do reinstall and setup the samba share again can I just stop HASSIO replace all the files in the folder and restart the server to the exact same config or will some items be missing?

Edit: I did as directed, all but the plugins were recovered. I had to add MQTT to plugins and then remove/add it to integrations. Everything is working.

I would copy everything in the /config directory except for the DB file. Make sure you get the hidden directories as well (.storage and .cloud). After copying the files back over, then you can restart HA.

Cheers - will do that!

When I have it all back and running I wont forget to take a backup of it the proper way!