Recovery Mode After Update – Integrations and Entities Missing

Hi Guys,

After updating to 2024.6, my HA started in red and recovery mode. It’s nice that it can do that, as I saw the problem and fixed it. Unfortunately, after that, all my integrations and entities were gone.

While I was trying to reconfigure them, I found out that indeed they are still there. For example, I can’t name a light group helper ‘light.nischenlicht’ as I already have a helper with that name, but I can’t see it. The same goes for nearly everything.
I even cann see the Status of that helper wich is ‘unavailable’ - but that thing is in my system, I just can’t access it and that drives me nuts.

Even when I recover from the pre-update backup, I don’t get anything back. All add-ons are still there, but no integration appears in the GUI.

Any hints? I’m desperate.

Thanks, Moerk

I’m a noob and don’t know your setup (core, hassio, supervised) but I’d go for a clean install and restore from backup.

If you have full backup you can try a full system restore and wait for a more mature version.

I know it’s not great to be told afterwards but before any upgrade you should have done a full system backup, better still if it’s bare metal. If I loose HA my house continues to live almost normally but the smart things would get lost …

Thanks. Yeah, I might go that way. Still wondering how I can remove these ghost entities from my system.