Recreating Energy Dashboard figures for Octopus Agile

Hi all. I’ve got our Energy Dashboard working perfectly, including calculating daily electricity spend on Octopus Agile (tariff changes every 30 mins). I have been trying to get that daily spend (at any given point in the day) to show on another dashboard. Some searching reveals that the numbers on the Energy Dashboard are not exposed as sensors anywhere, which is inconvenient but understood. I’d therefore like to re-create the numbers (well essentially just the Grid Total) in a normal template sensor. However, I’ve read so much about Utility Helpers and Riemann sums that I am now completely lost, particularly given that the tariff updates every 30 mins. Please could someone explain in words of two syllables or less what I need to do to get my Energy Dashboard ‘Grid Total’ as a template sensor?! :grinning: (I just need the principles of what I need to set up, I’m not asking for entire YAML code dumps etc.). Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi. Just wondered if you had managed to solve this? I have exactly the same question!

Have you looked at the Octopus Energy integration, current accumulated cost sensor?