Recurring configuration.yaml error

I’m running on a Synology DS920+ VM w/ 2GB memory.

Any ideas on how I can remove this recurring error, please? It just keeps showing up no matter what I do… It says to check line 11, but when I look at Line11 of configuration.yaml it’s a blank line.

I’ve removed the blueprint but doesn’t seem to have done anything w/ regards the apparent config error. I do not know how to access componenets/blueprint/ to see what’s even going on there.

Have you checked your config/blueprints/ folder?

It looks like there is an automation that’s trying to use that blueprint but the blueprint no longer exists.

look in your automations/blueprints to see if it’s trying to use that blueprint somewhere.

Are we talking config files accessible through HA itself? If we’re talking about files and folders within the HA installation via a typical GUI, I’ve no idea how to access them as it’s contained within a VM that I can’t seem to locate on my NAS.

I would say, follow finity’s suggestion first.

So we’re talking the automations GUI of HA and not via Terminal or an OS Explorer?

Ah - OK, I think I have resolved it, finally.

Using Visual Code Editor to inspect the Automations.yaml I was able to find and hash-out a few lines referencing the misbehaving code. I’d done this previously, but it hadn’t stopped the errors. So I looked further down the yaml and discovered a second series of code pointing to the blueprint.

I’m guessing there might be some proper way to remove blueprints which I didn’t follow…

Anyway, it’s all good - thank you both for your support :smiley:

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