Red Feedback LED Battery powered with Wi-Fi

Hello Community,

I have a really interesting question :slight_smile:
I would like to create an Alarm System with the devices I have.
I have the sensors, motion detectors, cameras etc. I also have a Xiaomi Wireless Switch what I will put on the wall in my hall.
This psychical button and Home assistant virtual buttons will be the Alarming Buttons,
If I go to bed I’ll always push this on the wall or on my phone to activate the alarm system.
I also want to add there a little feedback red led, where I can see if its activated or not, of course on Home Assistant I’ll also add one. If me or my girlfriend goes there and wants to go outside at the morning we will see oops the alarm is still set and we need to push the button to deactivate it. This feedback led would be really important,

The only problem is there is no RF/IR controller there to activate this so its need to be WIFI-based led and the most biggest problem there is no power there! There is any method to solve that somehow? I found Abutton on Aliexpress and a lot of ESP based Wifi stuffs but if the LED will stay alive on RED glowing mode, when the alarm system set then it will kill the battery in a few hours or less.

Thank you for your advices.

Hard to do without some power.

Maybe you have a light bulb socket somewhere in the near? Just take a RGBW Lightbulb (WLan/Zigbee). In normal operation it creates dark/white light, if your alarm is on, it creates dim red.