Red/green device class needed for esphome binary_sensor

I’m using ESPHome to control an SGC SG-230 Smartuner This is an antenna autotuner. It has a 12V power line, a tri-state Control line to Tune or Reset the tuner, and a single status line that goes high (12V) when the tuner is tuned.

I’m controlling the Power and Control line using three relays with the latter two interlocked to take the Control oline either high or low with line biased to sit at 6V.

I want to display the status line as a red/green LED in HA. It’s defined as:

  - platform: gpio
    pin: D4
    name: "SG-230 Tuned"
    id: sg230_tuned

I can’t find a suitable device_class to use that will display red/green. Can anybody advise?