Reddit gold like feature

Allow users to gift 1 month free of Home Assistant cloud in order to show their appreciation to another user in the fourms for helping them/others out. It would also help support Nuba Casa. So this is really more of a fourm feature request but I guess would have to work with Nuba Casa in some way to be able to accept a month payment from a random user.

I voted for your idea but I have my doubts it will be implemented (but would be delighted if it happens).

Reddit gold works because it operates entirely within the Reddit system. In this case, the Discourse community forum and Nabu Casa are separate and independent systems.

Simplest implementation:

  • Gift-giver is an existing Nabu Casa customer.
  • Gift-receiver is an existing Nabu Casa customer.
  • Gift is offered and received within the Nabu Casa system.

In the community forum, you simply ask the receiver for their Nabu Casa account in order to send them your gift (within the Nabu Casa system).

To make the process more seamless, meaning self-contained within the Discourse community forum, they’ll have to invent a way of associating Discourse accounts with Nabu Casa accounts. I believe there are technical, privacy, and security issues involved that make it more effort than is worth the return.

A half-way measure would be to simply enter your Nabu Casa account name somewhere in your Discourse profile. The gift-giver can just reference that to know where to send the gift in Nabu Casa.

Agreed. These are all good points.

Love the idea!