Rediscovering devices with ZHA

I’ve been using ZHA for about a month now after migrating a bunch of zigbee devices from hubitat to ZHA using a CC2531 on a raspberry pi with basically no issues. After the raspberry pi finished rebooting after upgrading to 0.115 yesterday almost all of my zigbee devices were no longer available. When I tried putting ZHA into discovery mode and then resetting devices one by one some would be rediscovered fairly easily, but others aren’t being so cooperative. For some of them, the device will show up on the “Searching for ZHA Zigbee Devices” screen, but all of the sensor for that device show up in the same window as unavailable / grayed out. Is there a trick I’m missing here or something I’m doing wrong to rediscover previously known devices?

I’m having the same issue. It seems like just power cycling the devices was enough to get the reconnected, but unfortunately some of them I have reset, and now I can’t get them to reconnect.
This is true of a couple of Tradfri Bulbs and a Xiaomi Temparature sensor. The other devices of these type that I just power cycled have reconnected fine.

This is a problem I’ve had in the past with ZHA, and I always assumed the chips in the IKEA bulbs had just died - is there some kind of latent memory of the devices that is stopping them being re-identified?

Hi, I’m having problems too, lost contact with all my ZHA devices (Hue lights and Trådfri remotes) after upgrade to 0.115 :frowning_face:
I’m also using a CC2531 if it matters.

I get this in the log when I try pressing Reconfigure Device in the UI:
2020-09-20 08:06:57 WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy_cc.api] No response for: AREQ ZDO bindRsp {'srcaddr': 0x0B0D}

My limited understanding of Zigbee tells me the pairing is stored in each device and a power cycle is not enough to remove it, they have to get a factory reset. Some devices can be reset directly via a button (my remotes for example) but the Hue lights have to be reset using a Hue remote or a hub. My only solution at this point is to dig up my old Trådfri hub, pair my Hue lights to it (that process apparently does a factory reset first because it can find and pair devices that ZHA has lost), then remove them again. That seems to reset them a second time so that they are free to be paired by ZHA.

It would be nice if there was a way to broadcast the “unpair” signal from ZHA in cases like this. Or at least have some other way of recovering paired devices without requiring additional hardware… Even a script to talk to a CC2531 dongle on the PC would be a step up, has anyone seen something like that?

You can install zigbee2mqtt on a PC, plug your CC2531 in, and use Touchlink to reset the bulb.

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Nice, thanks! I had not seen that this was available in Zigbee2mqtt!

I made a small docker-compose setup to reset my devices, here it is in case anyone finds it useful:

Same problem with me updated to 0.115.1 I have a Conbee II stick running on ZHA in a proxmox supervised HA. Suddenly at 19.30 yesterday evening all my Ikea Tradfri bulbs dropped off the network and won’t respond to any HA commands. Xioami temp sensors are connected OK but not the bulbs. I’ve power cycled them and still won’t come back although ZHA integration says they were last seen after this power cycle today I cannot control the on/off with HA. Do I need to delete the integration and the devices and start again?

After doing factory reset of my lamps using the method above, I was able to go to the devices list in the ZHA integration page, open each device and just click “Reconfigure Device” to have them reconnect.

thanks @alberts, unfortunately mine seem very messed up, can’t reconnect any of my bulbs or sensors. I’ve had to delete the integration and all devices and start again, having to hold my devices close to the Conbee to pair as well so I think it is a range/interference thing. Going to look for a repeater.