Redoing the Frontend

Firstly, I want to start saying thank you for this awesome project called Home Assistant, which I use it almost 3 years by now and it will never cease to amaze me.

But now… the main point is that I want to talk about an issue that is present since I first used Home Assistant and that needs attention (at least in my opinion).

While the backend works quite nice, I must say that the frontend is incredibly laggy, even on my S10! Not considering that it doesn’t consider touchs as clicks, messing up stuff, not adding entities when I add them in the UI editor and many other things.
Today I moved some automations inside the main automations.yaml file to edit them inside the frontend which I initially thought it looks nicer and is easier to use, but hell does it lag on my i5 using Chrome. Everything’s just slow and really heavy.

Someone could say “Hey, just use a better PC”, but I think that’s not the point. The point is that the frontend relies on so much heavy stuff that it’s barely usable in a practical manner.
The only place in which the frontend works “smooth” is on Apple devices.

Since I’m a developer myself, I know that’s interesting to use readily available frameworks which give you a whole “material design”-experience and all, but at which cost?

I think, we, as a community, need to step a little bit further back and replan the frontend with performance in mind.
I would really love and do this stuff and then publish it for others to improve upon, but I don’t have time, since I work full-time, so I’m at least giving my opinion.

I would love to hear some thoughs on it! :slight_smile:

Could you further detail any of the issues you are experiencing? As well as what hardware hosts your HA instance? I have not seen any lag issues on both my HA setups. I mostly access front end via iPhone, WallPanel on Fire tablet, and Chrome on macOS.

The scrolling and everything is extremely heavy, animations look chopped (like opening the sidebar), etc. For comparison, this forum here does not lag at all, neither with scrolling, neither with anything.

It’s an Intel NUC with an i5, I guess 4rd gen, running Ubuntu Server and Docker. It has an SSD and 8GB RAM, connected to LAN obviously. The instance is not the problem. As I said, the backend runs fine, all things turn on and off when they should (mostly).

As I said, on Apple devices it uses another render engine, and is smooth.
And WallPanel is not based on the “material design” which the rest of the frontend is, thus is lighter.

EDIT: RAM, not storage, too early in the morning lol