Reduce log file size

My ozw-log file is growing and growing!
Now it’s at 233 MB.
Is there a way to reduce the logging, or maybe to rotate it, so that it only logs the last 2 days or something?

you want to playing in the recorder:

here this should point down the right path

You can disable zwave logging altogether by setting:
<Option name="logging" value="false"/>
in options.xml

Does this affect the ozw-log? I though it was only home-assistant values/timeseries?

Ok. That helps, of course, but is there no way to reduce the amout of stuff in the log?

You can set e.g. SaveLogLevel to 3.
(You can always simply delete the logfile. A new one will be created.)

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Add these to options.xml and restart. If they exist just modify the values to match. Will drastically reduce the log level.

  <Option name="logging" value="true" />
  <Option name="SaveLogLevel" value="4" /><!-- added -->
  <Option name="QueueLogLevel" value="4" /><!-- added -->
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Thank you @NitramusPliwus and @jwelter! I set SaveLogLevel and QueueLogLevel to 3, and it works just fine.