Reduce need to reboot/reload, most urgent for automations

There are many discussions on UI versus yaml configuration. One argument in that discussion is often overlooked i.m.o. which greatly affects the usability of Home Assistant.

Configuring Home Assistant via the UI (even when it is entering yaml in the UI!) allows for the dynamic changing of the system, without reloading or rebooting.

This is important, because a lot of added complexity goes into creating e.g. automations that do not break when the whole system, or a part of it, is reloaded. I’ve used other home automation systems before but never one where this is an issue, except in HA where this is a big thing. And this community is filled with questions relating to it.

The weirdest thing is, when editing automations in Home Assistant via the UI, I was totally not expecting HA to reload all automations when editing just one. I also experienced bugs because of it, such as automations being saved twice or not at all because the reload was interfering with subsequent editing.

So please consider changing the automation editor to affect only the edited automation, and not reload them all unneeded.

(I do like that they are saved in YAML though, so you can use github to have a change history).

There’s an existing Feature Request for this (created almost 3 years ago), currently with over 250 votes (i.e. the need for incremental reloading of new/modified automations to avoid cancellation of existing automations that are in-progress).

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Sorry, looked but didn’t find it.

Closing as a duplicate.

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