Reducing Errors and Warnings


every morning when I open up the logs, I got a dozen of errors and warnings. Usually for some light bulbs, always for my WeMo Switch, always for my Nest Audio / Spotify and always something with the weather plugin.

Interestingly, they are all in close range to the wifi router and no matter when I want to use them, they are always working fine.

Do you have any ideas on how to reduce the errors? Or do you have any concrete solutions for one of the errors/warnings in the screenshot? All help is appreciated!

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me too. I have a handful of warnings and errors messages as well I would like to fix.

How many clients does your wifi access point report as connected and what sort of AP is it?

Except at 04:08 when every error message was due to a loss of network connection. Focus your attention on that. Check the router’s log and see what was it reporting at 04:08.

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Thank you, Taras! You are completely right!

I found out that my modem reboots every night. It seems to be a common issue with multiple manufacturers, e.g. netgear and icotera, there are dozen of threats regarding this problem in the internet, but there seems no simple solution to this. I will try and contact my ISP :slight_smile:

Beisde that, the Weather integration seems to have some issues, because it is generating errors across the whole day, from time to time.

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