Refer entity card/ entity filter card/automation to a single YAML for entities

Hi there

I have lots and lots of entities that I constantly refer to in different automations/entity cards, e.g. I have entities cards that refer to a set of lights, I also have an automation that notifies me if those same lights go offline or online and filter cards that only show which of those same entities are in a specific state.

Every time I add a new entity I have to go and update it in various locations.

Is there a way I can create one or more YAML files that effectively have a list of certain group of my entities and refer to that YAML file from automations, entity cards, entity filter cards etc)? That way if I add a new entity to that YAML file, an automation and other entity cards will look to that updated YAML file only? A bit like using the !include code.



Isn’t that what groups does?

But I want to be able to control each device separately and get notifications independently. Not sure I can do that with groups?