Refresh auto of Weather YR forecast graph

Frustrated by the Picture card display of the Norway Weather forecast graph not refreshing/updating every hour and requiring a manual dashboard page reload?
A sample link to the site for me is: “
The site itself provides hourly forecast graph updates but Home Assistant PICTURE card display remains static unless you manually reload the browser page.

I tried every proposal to solve this, some marked as solutions which were NOT solutions (for me anyway):

  • Install Browser Mod to gain access & control over the browser and trigger a refresh from an automation - overkill

  • Use YAML to make a TEMPLATE Image file of the graph and yaml to trigger a file update based on events and use Picture ENTITY card to display this image file - convoluted and also the image file wouldn’t display in entity caed except as a broken thumb

  • Use YAML to create a Generic IP Camera - doesn’t work because the camera type is done from GUI now

  • Install Generic IP Camera integration and insert the Graph url into the Still image field - doesn’t work because the Integration continuously rejects the url as ‘did not return a valid image’ . If you try it in the Stream source field it fails with a ‘time out’

  • SOLUTION: Use the MJPEG IP Camera integration and paste the url into the MPEG url field and it successfully created a ‘camera’ entity. It wouldn’t work if you used the STILL Image field only and didn’t care if you used both the STILL image and the MPJEG field. No ssl verify needed.
    Display this new camera identity in a PICTURE ENTITY card. Turn off/uncheck ‘show name’ and ‘show state’ because that info only obscure parts of the graph with a grey windowed area.
    Works beautifully and refreshes automatically according as the Norway forecast chart is updated.