It’s a mistery for me, but I have (the last 2 days ?) refressing problems on my computer and android phone. HA is installed on a Odroid device.

F.e. I do an restart of HA on my computer : he does the restart but suddenly it’s frozen

After a while I do an refresh (F5 in chrome) and everyting is fine.

Another example : I have a button to stop my aircon’s in my living. When I click on it, the aircon effectively stops, but on screen nothing happens

I push again refresh (F5) and the screen is alright again

On my android phone I opened the same screen before pushing the stop button and here also the same problem. I have to close HA and recall it to have the good screen.

It’s not always : I turn on my aircon’s (button 21) and I see immediat turning the fan’s on my screen.

It seems a kind of caching problem, I don’t know :pensive:

I believe you have an issue with a card or custom fronted integration.
I had the same issue a few months ago, it was a custom card that was causing the issue if I recall correctly.

Look in the logs for errors, or just post it here.

Maybe related to this. Should get fixed with the upcoming 2021.12.7.

PS. Here is the bug report on Github: Problem with values not updating in frontend since update to core-2021.12.6 · Issue #11039 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

Here is the thread where I found my issue.
Perhaps that can be of help.

Frontend bug? States are not changing! - Configuration / Frontend - Home Assistant Community (

I will look later on the day to your posts, thank you !

I cleared my logs an hour ago, but meanwhile this is in it

The only thing I used is the custom button (could be the problem, cause I only used it the last day…) ?

That could be the problem.

Let’s hope the fix will come soon.

Thanks, I thought it was me doing something wrong :wink: