Refresh Problem


I have HA running on a Virtual Box on my Windows desktop. My day to day computer is my MacBook Pro. I do most of my work on my HA there. I also have HA on my iPhone and I am working on setting up a dashboard on a couple tablets.

The issue I am running in to is whenever I am on my local server (http://homeassistant.local:8123) on all devices that AREN’T the Windows desktop the Dashboards won’t load. If I take my laptop off my WiFi network to a different WiFi network (like I go to my office) or if I use my iPhone on cell data then access my HA through Nabu Casa everything works fine.

What I have found is if any of the devices are on my WiFi network at home I have to refresh the browser (I use Chrome) on the Windows Desktop and I will get about 5-10 minutes of everything else working. After that they stop loading. I can hit refresh or click a different page and it will continually “load.” If I then hit refresh on the Windows Desktop everything instantly loads through and I have another 5-10 minutes of it working.

I would rather not have to use this computer all the time to work on changes to HA. Also it renders all the other wireless devices useless since I have to constantly go to the computer to refresh it in the house. It doesn’t stop me from using voice commands to control devices, but sometimes I don’t want to use my voice. I want to press a button on my tablet.

I have watched multiple setups of HA. Most people use a Raspberry Pi and I want to get one, but currently they are $200+ and I wanted to make sure I would like HA before dropping that cash. I found out I could use a desktop computer that stays at home to make it all work. So during these videos I noticed everyone doesn’t work on their HA through the Raspberry Pi, but from a different computer.

Why does theirs work and not mine? Why do I have to continually refresh my browser from a specific computer to get it all to work? Also if I turn the monitor off it all stops working instantly. I did find a temp fix for now which is installing an auto-refresh extension onto Chrome so every 60 seconds the webpage refreshes. I don’t really like this option. I would prefer to be able to turn off the monitor and close the browser and never have to touch the computer unless the main server breaks.

Please let me know what other bits of info you need so you can help me solve this problem.
Thank you!