Registering AEON HEM G2

Hi, I’m really loving the HA journey, but zwave remains a problem. I’m running hassbian v0.56 on RPI3, with an AEON z-stick G5. I’ve recently installed the HEM G2 energy monitors in my switchboard, but I can’t work out how to register them in the hassbian zwave config tool. If I take out the z-stck and register them HEM’s manually, it all seems to work except I get duplicated entities in HA (ie 2 x current, 2 x voltage, 2 x power …)… But if I unregister them with the z-stick and click Add Node in the hassbian zwave config, and then press the register button on the HEM, I can see the waiting message in the OZW log but nothing happens.

Can anyone please suggest where I’m going wrong?

Thanks, Neil