Reimann integral gone wrong - help please

Can anyone help diagnose a recent problem with one of my Reimann Sum integrals? It worked fine until a few weeks ago. It was giving me an estimate of the heat energy from my heatpump going into the hot water, so there is code behind the source sensor using flow rate & flow/return temps. However as source: sensor.HP_flow_rate_dT has good data (see image) I’m assuming that is all OK.
My configuration.yaml contains

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.HP_flow_rate_dT
    name: HP_flow_rate_dT_integral
    round: 3
    unit_time: min
    method: left
    unique_id: HP_flow_rate_dT_integral

and the recent history of the source sensor & it’s integral look like this:

I’m displaying the result on a statistics card:

  - type: statistic
        period: day
        offset: -1
    stat_type: change
    entity: sensor.hp_output_by_flowdt
    name: HP Out

At the same time this went wrong several other Reimann sum integrals started producing weird results but I haven’t been able to track this down to a system update. This is the easiest of these to describe.

There’s a fix coming out in 2023.6…introduced in 2023.5.

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