Reinstall fresh Home Assistant Docker supervised

Hi All,

I face many issues with my current setup and I believe it has to do with the backup i recover at the beginning of my installion. For this reason I would like to strat from scrtach.

During my search I found a way to uninstall all my containers and I was able to install the lastest docker supervised image. Only thing is that I dont get a fresh install but instead my actual backup.

I would like to start clean, but how? (sounds like an crackheat who needs to have help :smiley: )

I donโ€™t think there actually is an official docker supervised version. I am aware of the docker install and the supervised install but I think these are two separate installs. Now that I have that out of the way. Iโ€™d you are using docker and pointed your volume to the same location as your previous docker instance it will use the same configuration directory. You could try changing your docker volume location or cleaning up that original path.