Reinstate Tesla integration

The tesla integration was removed in #55988 due to login issues.
Since then things have changed for the better. Tesla has now officially opened up their API for 3rd parties.

It would be great if this integration could be re-added to HA as an official integration.

I second this request

What is wrong with the even better and more active custom integration (available via HACS, etc.)?

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Yep, the custom component works.

Nothing is wrong with it, but that isn’t the point.
The integration was removed because the HA (rightfully) doesn’t want to have integrations based on reverse engineered APIs in the core.
This reason no longer applies to the Tesla API since it is now public.

For each integration in the core one could argue that it should be in HACS and not in core etc… However, in general HA does want car integrations, evidenced by the 15 integrations currently in the core.
And if that is the case, why not merge the Tesla integration back into the core?

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Why not post in the issues of the author’s github and suggest it.

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It’s not going to be straightforward but I think I could do this as I have written a python library for the new fleet API.


The Tessie integration in 2024.1 may interest you.

Oh it may interest me a lot. I’m the code owner.

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Lol, I wasn’t aware of that. Good work.

we need more votes on that - i need a working tesla integration not only with status but beeing able to send commands via a button press in homeassist like turn on AC or open garage door via homelink

Voted. Looking forward to a real API.

Hi Brett, so just checking, Tessie uses new Tesla API?

I’m using Tessie’s new direct telemetry option which I’m quite sure is the new Tesla fleet api: Direct Telemetry - Help Center - Tessie. The Tessie integration with home assistant is great, but it would be nice to have something direct from Tesla to HA.

The Tessie Integration currently uses the existing Tessie API, but in the future I may use Tessie Fleet API proxy, since that would make it nearly identical to Teslemetry which I also maintain.

Direct to Home Assistant isn’t entirely possible due to the Command Signing requirements. You can run the command proxy in a docker container, but you can also pay someone else to manage all that for you, like Tessie and Teslemetry.

Fleet Teslemetry is sort of part of Fleet API, sort of seperate. Tessie uses it for battery data, but my service Teslemetry can be configured however you want and sends the data to Home Assistant too.