Relay controller working with Home Assist


I am looking for relay controller which has integration with Home Assist and has more relays like 16 DI and 16 DO (or more). Maybe anyone saw such on the market?

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You can use and esp and multiple relay boards, I’ve seen boards with 8 relays, so 2 of them?
I initially thought i would use something similar and wire everything back to a cabinet.
In reality a modular approach is better, more flexible and cheaper.
I have a relay module above my bathroom, in my understairs cupboard, and outside where it controls watering and some other work stuff.
So I guess it depends what you want to do and how your house is wired?
You can hook ethernet upto a esp32 somehow, I’ve never needed to as WiFi has been to k solid and no lag or delay at all.

Thanks for replay.
I have possibility to connect it to wired ethernet, also wifi is also available.
I have 20 metal metal blinds on the windows, which are wired centralized already, and I have 40 control cables (where I have send 12V and it will start moving up/down) and 40 input cables which is from mechanical switches near the window (I also want to catch this signal and control over controller).
As I am very new with HA and its supported equipment, maybe you can be a bit more specific and give me links to products which you recommend? Thanks!

This project may be of interest, he has made an HACS integration for it. I have not tried it, so no promises. I have seen several versions of this for sale at various times. Please make sure the relays can handle your blind motors inductive load, if not you may have to add a power relay to each output. I would recommend mounting in a metal box as well.

Good luck

Looks nice, but does not have digital inputs, i my situation the best would be to have one with inputs and outputs…

@samnewman86 can you please point me to specific products how you are offering to build from esp32 components for my task?


Sure, in some placing I’m using sonoff 4ch pro

Or you can use a relay board that would need a seperate enclosure.

It’s simple to program by following the instructions at
I shared the Amazon links for ease, there may be cheaper / better places to buy from

What kind of current are you looking to switch with the relays?