Relay for 4 way-switch


I have a “4-way” switch installed in my bedroom. 4-way means that I can switch the light from 3 places (near the entrance, from either side of the bed).

I would like to add that setup to HA via the relay behind the switch, however, I cannot figure out what relay can support this. Maybe someone here has already done a similar thing.

My constraints are that I can neither change the switches nor the wires.

P.S. I have successfully retrofitted “3-way” switch with this relay , however cannot figure out how to do that with “4-way”

Ewelink have a 4 channel relay available on Aliexpres for about $20
Tested as working by me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, though it looks like it serves a different purpose. The relay in your link can control 4 separate lights, while I’m looking for the relay that needs to control one light from 3 different switches.

Basically this is my setup : image

Which location are you trying to replace? one of the ends or in the middle?
For the one in the middle you will need a cross switch.

You can make a 4 way with just 1 relay, just need the correct type.

I do have a cross switch in the middle, and ideally would like to put a relay there

Just need 1 relay with 2 switch contacts (excuse the crappy drawing :smiley: )

wouldn’t you just add a shelly relay to just one switch?