Relay switch for ceiling fan?


Could someone please tell me if it is safe to use a relay switch such as the sonoff mini or the Aqara t2 for controlling ceiling fans. I want to put the relay switch in the wall switch box.

The intent is to be able to control it in HA as well as retain the physical switch function

Any help would be appreciated

I’ve put a Shelly 1PM behind the switch. It works well. It being my first smart relay, it was simplest to do it on the ground. I intend to move it to the fan itself, so that relay only controls the fan (the lights would be independent). But I digress. . .

There’s a caution to take heed of, with a fan (from the Shelly instructions):


For inductive loads, which cause volt-age spikes during switching, such as electrical motors, fans, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and similar ones, RC snubber (0.1µF / 100Ω / 1/2W / 600V AC) should be wired in parallel with the load.

Shelly also offers the snubber (8 bucks US, regardless of what brand compatible relay is used)

Thank you kind Sir !

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Another question, sorry I am very new to all this.

Was looking at the diagram for installing the scrubber, is there any change if there is a fan speed regulator.

Also, would you know if there is enough space to put in the relay and the scrubber in the switch box.

Thanks in advance.

No issue with the fan speed control.

As for space, there should be space for it, but that could depend on the switchbox size, amt. of wires in box, and the size of the switch in place.

Thanks once again Bob.

I was just going through the user manual for Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3 and under “supported loads” it does mention inductive loads such as fans. Would I still need a scrubber ?

With a quick look at that model, I don’t see any reason to suggest it doesn’t need a snubber.