Release Notes

Hass.IO 0.35

  • Add options for homeassistant to add special device

HomeAssistant 0.46

  • Add packages: certificate, bluetooth, libsodium

Look like a UI bug with long polling states. If you see a 502 error on update process, that is only on UI. Wait the update is in progress too (See the supervisor log, It is no Hass.IO error).

Try this before you start the update:

Hass.IO 0.36

  • Allow extend privilege for addons (need for bluetooth)
  • Make stronger validate of devices property

Hass.IO 0.37

  • Use new base image
  • Cleanup container before remove image on remove
  • Allow disable schema for addons

Hass.IO run now on python 3.6

HomeAssistant 0.47

  • Run with new base image on python 3.6 like the official docker image

Hass.IO 0.38

  • Refactory hole add-on/repository code for better handling
  • Fix restart bug for add-on (now it performe stop/clear/run)
  • Supervisor make a self update on start if it is not in dev mode
  • Update executor handling for python 3.6
  • Fix bug with handling of add-on options
  • New layouts for add-on store (thanks @balloob)

HomeAssistant 0.48

  • Add Dlib & fix OpenCV

Hass.IO 0.39

  • Add snapshot/restore functions
  • Small cleanups/bugfixs

Snapshot is at the moment in beta state. UI support is comming later. We support full snapshot/restore or partial. You can also partial restore from a full snapshot.

curl -d '{"name": "Test full snapshot"}'
curl -d '

Partial (i.e. with homeassistant)
curl -d '{"name": "Test only hass config", "folders": ["homeassistant"]}'
curl -d '{"homeassistant": true, "folders": ["homeassistant"]}'

More details on API documentation.

Hass.IO 0.40

  • New user addon options for auto update
  • New user addon options for overwrite network settings
  • Addon config can set timeout individual for stop Container
  • Addon validate type “port”
  • Update API for more details on addon info

Hass.IO 0.41

  • fix auto update of addons to update only enabled addons

Hass.IO 0.42

  • Support new custom base image

Hass.IO 0.43

  • add landingpage support
  • cleanup handling with json file for store data
  • make a own object for homeassistant + config
  • allow custom homeassistant Image
  • Move snapshot list into /snapshots
  • Move addon list into /addons
  • Selective reload with /snapshots/reload and /addons/reload
  • Fix isoformat datetime strings

Breaking Change:

  • devices will reset to []

Hass.IO 0.44

  • Add support for nested dicts in addons options. Example:
"group": {
    "element1": "bla"
  • Use new startup layout for addons. Please change it on our addons. We have now: initialize, system, services, application. To migrate use for before -> services and after -> application

Hass.IO 0.45

First update to Home-Assistant 0.49

HassIO ResinOS Image 1.0

  • New docker 1.17
  • Update Kernel / local tools
  • Allow customize ntp server via config.json
  • Fix OTA updater

Hass.IO 0.46

  • Update UI (@balloob)
  • Fix UI “page not found” (@balloob)
  • Add support for add-on logo
  • New add-on config options “webui”
  • Optimize API

Resinhup 0.3

  • Fix OTA don’t work with raspberrypi1/raspberrypi2 0.47

  • Allow SYS_ADMIN for mount inside add-ons
  • Show devices and privileged on API (more transparent to user)
  • Bugfix auto-update and check now options before he update it
  • Fix logo bug on UI (@balloob) 0.48

  • Bugfix repository list inside add-on store (@balloob)

Add-on: SSH 2.0

  • Support Password login
  • Extend CLI for host restart/shutdown/update