Release Notes

Catch-all topic for release notes related to the platform.


Home Assistant 0.44.1

  • Fixes bug with panel crashing when trying to view info on a not installed add-on.

Home Assistant 0.44.2

  • (Now it should work) Fixes bug with panel crashing when trying to view info on a not installed add-on.

Hass.IO 0.22

  • Add url to addon config
  • Add UI change for API - HomeAssistant 0.44.x

Hass.IO 0.23

  • Add watchdog for homeassistant container
  • Cleanup task code
  • Add support for arch on addons
  • Add support for restart homeassistant with /homeassistant/restart
  • Add support for restart add-on with /addons/{addon}/restart

Hass.IO 0.24

  • Security API with password and TOTP support
  • Local repository build now add-on local if no image is set
  • Fix HomeAssistant watchdog

Hass.IO 0.25

  • Add build to addons api
  • Better add-on data layer handling
  • Fix wrong version in installed addons
  • Fix start not running add-on after update

Hass.IO 0.26

  • Add panel for homeassistant 0.45
  • Allow local build for all addon repository types
  • Fix output of invalid options for homeassistant 0.45

Hass.IO 0.27

  • Change docker meta data from ENV to LABEL
  • ENV VERSION is now deprecated
  • Allow to use docker cache on our build system

Hass.IO 0.28

  • Add docker device support with devices addon config option
  • Maps are now default read only. For rw access use map: ["config:rw"]


  • Please update all core add-ons to latest after update
  • If you core add-on is older than 1 version behind, please copy past options and reinstall this core add-on to avoid problem with last change on 0.26

Hass.IO 0.29

  • Allow to mount host /mnt for external device into add-ons with mnt map options
  • Add new map share for add-ons and homeassistant /share
  • Add new option environment to add-on config to manipulate env of add-on

Hass.IO 0.30

  • Remove mnt from map options. This can allow to brake our resinos systems from a add-in.

How to map external storage:

Hass.IO 0.31

  • Fix new panel for homeassistant 0.45
  • Add new startup type initialize

Hass.IO Image 0.8

  • Cleanup yocto layer
  • HostControll support change of hostname
  • ResinOS pump to 2.0.3

After you start the OTA update, don’t poweroff until system is reboot! While update ist running, alls services are down.

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HomeAssistant Docker 0.45

  • Hass.IO stream UI now direct to HomeAssistant for fast deployment
  • Add support for SQL Database connection
  • Add OpenAlpr and OpenCV support

We work an a new Cache System to fast Update HomeAssistant. At the moment it can take 5-15min for the Update. After that we shoudl be able to use the local cache for faster updates.

Hass.IO 0.32

  • Allow add-on to run on host netzwork host_network: true
  • Add API support for change hostname on UI
  • Add timezone support for homeassitant/addons with supervisor API.

The new core add-ons and homeassistant > 0.45.0 should support the new timezone API. Until UI support for timezone selection is done, you can use:
curl -d '{"timezone": "Europe/Zurich"}' http://hassio.local:8123/api/hassio/supervisor/options

After update you can run into a cache problem. Try CTR-F5 to reload the page cache and all work fine.

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HomeAssistant Docker 0.45.1

  • Fix panel load error if homeassistant http password is set
  • Add support for new timezone support with 0.32

For update:

  • Disable password and update it on UI
  • Use curl and call the API manual with: curl -H "x-ha-access: YOUR_PASSWORD" -d '{"version": "0.45.1"}' http://hassio.local:8123/api/hassio/homeassistant/update
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Hass.IO 0.33

  • Autodetect timezone if not set
  • Update add-on config on restart

Hass.IO 0.34

  • Refactory hole docker interface code
  • Add tmpfs for addons (@bestlibre)