Release policies, milestones, PRs

(i apologise if this isn’t the proper forum category, or when I use incorrect terminology).

Last week one of the issues that I submitted on Github was quickly “fixed” by one of these people that can code. I haven’t submitted many issues (yet), try to document them as good as I can etc. (there’s two parts in Open Source and Community Powered, and since I cannot code I take this part seriously).

I track(ed) the issue and try to understand what happens to it now that there is a now closed and added to dev status for it. At the same time I see that it isn’t marked for milestone 2022.8.5, but other issues are (no complaint, just stating the fact).

How does this process work? Is there some sort of policy that the code owners follow, are small-prs not at default added to upcoming milestones - or is there some sort of idea/rational behind it? I’d be very curious to know and understand a bit better.

I’ve seen discussions here going from “why don’t ‘they’ fix my problem” to “why is the fix for my problem not yet released (sooner)”. Typically these discussions end in cringy moments, because the “devs do it in their free time”, I fully understand that and sometimes comments even make me cringe. Yet on the other hand I can sometimes also symphatize with those who “in their same free time” try to document an issue as detailed as possible.

How does the decision making here work?

(again, this is not about “my issue” or “the issue I’ve reported”, that’s why I’m not making reference to it here - I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, I genuinely would like to understand how it works)

It can take some time to merge a PR as there are a limited number of people doing reviews. If it has been merged it will make it in to the next major release.

Minor releases are generally for issues introduced with the current release and occasionally some cherry-picked items.

The beta version is released on the last Wednesday of the month. Major releases are the first Wednesday of the month.