Releases category

HA gets updated a lot and the monthly topic in the Blog category quickly grows to hundreds of comments. With such a rapid pace of development it’s hard to keep track of all the releases.

Suggested alternative:

  • a Releases category
  • each major and minor release gets its own post so that issues that are fixed or caused by that release can be tracked more easily
  • OS releases also get posts

I’ve used Unifi gear and their online forum does this. I found it quite helpful. I would never install an upgrade without going to the forum and seeing if people were having any issues with it.

The release thread is not for tracking fixes or problems

The Home Assistant project uses GitHub to manage software version control and much more.

Here’s the Core repository:

The Releases section lists all releases and what they contain (links to the Pull Requests that were included in the release). Current production release is 2024.4.4.

The Issues section is where all Core bugs are reported.

For the HA core.

This list the major releases.
The minor releases are listed under the major ones.
Fixes are listed there too, but the causes are often not due to HA, but to changes in other ecosystems, so it is hard to fix those to a specific release.

For what it’s worth, I follow the GitHub Releases RSS Feed (you can do this in HA with the Feedreader integration).

You will get updates from the beta process, but it means you’ll have an overview list of the changes and can then check back to the overall release blog post for the point update notes.


I don’t think that a thread for each point release would be helpful. It would split the conversation even more.

nice. using feedreader for some other HA blogs, I wasn’t aware the releases had their own feed. Added, thx.