Reliable and cheap door/window sensors

I typed NAS-PD01W and I get these motion sensors. They look really good and specially like the size.
work with Tuya, so If they get integrated into HA, this is the way forward. (wifi/mqtt)


Sorry I meant to paste NAS-DS01W
@vermis has linked to the same item.

I was looking at the motion sensors as well, look good!

When I get them I will document which pads are needed to flash tasmota


Oh I didn’t realie we were talking about the same product :sweat_smile:

I hope you get them soon and can share a succesful flashing story.

Dr ZZZ has an excellent video on how to use magnetic switches along with Sonoff RF Bridge and Tasmota.

The sensors are about US5 or less.


I just ordered 2 sensors and they are less than US3 here.

I have got 11 out of my 12 sensors delivered today.

So over the next day / weekend I will look into which of the test points are the RX and TX so we can re-flash them with Tasmota etc

They are ESP8266 with a flash chip, but don’t know on the size yet, I am guessing they are the standard 1MB? Will update when I know.

yeah, the board is double layered so 3v3, tx, rx and gnd are on the flipside but I only have 1mm solder wire and 10 fingers to hold everything together while pressing the wifi button so all my tries have been unsuccesful so far.

Update: I’m fairly certain this board doesn’t activate program mode thru the same sequence as sonoff ones. I could only get it to start in normal SmartWifi (setup mode) and APN mode.

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I ordered the Neo Coolcam Z wave units, but they turned out to be used (and one even had writting on it) so they are returned. I could find enough Neo units, so I have now purchased the Xiaomi ones. I am a little excited if they have sufficient range to cover our house. If I set the hub centrally there is around 14 meters from the hub to some of the windows most far away.

I can get mine into programming mode
rst cause:1, boot mode:(1,7)

But I can’t get the firmware upload to work.

I know my programmer works as I have just flashed a 4 way power socket.


I now have some sensors and Tasmotized Sonoff RF Bridge!
Part of the payload from my door sensors is,


Does anyone know what these might refer to?


you need to go into the sonoff console and look for something like this:

21:30:34 MQT: tele/sonoff/rfbridge/RESULT = {"RfReceived":{"Sync":13630,"Low":430,"High":1320,"Data":"D0ED58","RfKey":"None"}}

the Data part is what you use as payload to detect or control a device. The mqtt for this sensor would be

- platform: mqtt
  name: "pir2_roomtwo"
  state_topic: 'tele/sonoff/rfbridge/RESULT' 
  value_template: '{{ value_json["RfReceived"].Data }}'
  payload_on: "D0ED58"
  payload_off: "D0ED58OFF"
  device_class: motion
  scan_interval: 5
  retain: true

Yes, sorry I think I was too economical with my question.

I have the sensors all working fine but I was wondering what the "Low":430 and the "High":1320 elements actually represented, what are they telling me? I also wondered about the "Sync":13630 but decided it probably wasn’t interesting.

sorry, dont really know. you can have a look into the openmqttgateway github as there’s some explanation on these parameters

Thanks for that pointer. I had a look and yes, it seems like they are all something to do with signal strength so probably not very useful to me :wink:

On a separate note, how do you manage batteries in these sensors? Are you simply checking manually every so often that they are still functioning?

Yes, there no battery information.
But I’ve had mine running now for almost 9 months. I just set a 12 month automation/timer and Ill replace the batteries regardless. I think a year is pretty good

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I have another question :slight_smile:
Is there a way to make the sensors retain their state when restarting HA?

Not on these and not on any sensors.

How do you handle this situation of restarting HA and your sensors not providing accurate information?
I can only think of having input booleans mirroring the sensor state but that seems like a messy solution.

I dont believe HA saves sensor states for any kind of sensor.
If the condition changed during restart, then im not sure whats the solution other than as you say using booleans.
In fact I believe it’s the reason boolean state does persist through restart according to this

I posted a specific question elsewhere and got this response. Not perfect but a big improvement.

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