Reliable Android location tracking?

I’m using a combination of OwnTracks and nmap, with really good results. I set up a pretty small zone for my home (as the nmap tracker is enough to catch errors due to the small zone), and larger ones on less important zones (work, mall…). The only issue I’m having is that from time to time, my “enter mall” automation triggers as soon as I’m leaving home (less than a kilometer away from the mall).

Maybe take some time to tweak your zones radius, and see if it improves things.

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Yeah. I use OwnTracks with nmap as well… pretty good so far… still not perfect but better than just OwnTracks.

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Nmap won’t work with iOS and I have an iPhone that’s needs to be tracked also, how would I set this up?
Just remove the mac address from the iPhone in the list of known devices?

Gpslogger and nmap works great here

Really? Nmap won’t work on iPhone? I don’t know that. I don’t have one so i can’t confirm but all I know is it tracks your WIFI’s MacAddress… and I’m sure iPhone has one too… every device connects to WIFI will have a MAC Address…

So I basically use nmap to tracks HOME zone and OwnTracks for Away zone :slight_smile: Adding them both in a group and usually HOME always detected correctly when device connected to Home WIFI. Away? not always 100% accurate with OwnTracks.

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The reason IOS users have bad luck with nmap tracking is because IOS sleeps it’s wifi connection after a period of inactivity (even while plugged in). If the wifi goes to sleep, nmap doesn’t help much. There are ways around this, but that is why most IOS users look to something other than nmap.

Personally, I use owntracks+nmap (on android devices) and have pretty good results. Every once in awhile, owntracks gives some crazy result, but the majority of the time it is accurate enough.

Ditto but not in passive mode for me, GPS mode as in passive it would say I was 50 miles away (60 mins after driving home from work)

I’ve added ddwrt now as I’m running that firmware on my router. So now I running the HA beta app (iOS) + OwnTracks (Android) + ddwrt (both), let’s see how this works.

Does anyone know a good value to use in the “consider_home” config for iOS?
I have mine a 180 per the documentation now.

Can I change mode in Android or just iOS?

How can I combine these two? Could you post more detail?

I got much better results with owntracks on android by setting:
advanced->background = low power
advanced->inaccurate locations = 150

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anyone on Android 7? I use gpslogger which is perfect on my android 6, but on my wifes 7, it is flaky. Due to bloody doze I suspect.

You can exclude it from Doze.

Settings / Battery / Battery Optimization

find GPSLogger and select “Don’t optimize”

hmm I think I have done that… will double check thanks.

Also click swttings, notifications and the allow it to have a persistent notification to keep it running. Seems to work on my s7 running 7.0

I have the same problem on 2 Android phones. Both goes to sleep after a while, so neither nmap and ping work :frowning:
Can I force the phone to never disconnect from wifi?

I use a combination of gpslogger, nmap and Bluetooth (rpi 3 has it built in) in a group with near perfect results. I haven’t gotten a false positive yet, one of the 3 would always detect me at home. I tried owntracks but for some reason, it would only update HA when I opened the app. I see in the new version that we should now be able to track using Google maps, I’m anxious to give that a try.

Using Zanzito, GPSLogger, both are incredibly accurate.
For good measure I validate the state with Bluetooth and Unifi.

Is Google Maps and Google Find My Device not enough? Or do you need to track more and more content? Spyzie seems to be a very popular Android location tracking, and many of my friends are using it.

U mean spyware?