Zanzito - A lightweight bridge between your Android device and your MQTT/home automation system


I’m happy to announce that Zanzito has been officially released on the Google Play store!

After months of testing and the invaluable help of many HA users, Zanzito is now a stable and (hopefully) useful app for your Android devices. Thank you!

Being officially released, now it is possibile to share your Zanzito license with all the members of your family, without buying any additional one (in selected countries). Please see here.

Now you can also publicly rate the app: if you are happy with Zanzito, please tell everyone on the Play store!

You can find everything you need to know in the User manual, including various examples of integration with Home Assistant.
You can find a custom HA notifier component here:

Following is a recap of everything that Zanzito has to offer.

With Zanzito, you can send to your server/home automation system information from your Android phone:

  • Your current location;
  • The values of the hardware sensors in your phone (i.e. battery level, ambient temperature, light level and so on);
  • Pictures from your phone (manually or at a given interval).
  • Any other information you want through MQTT publishing to your own custom topics (“Activities”). For example, you can send a message to switch a light on, or activate your home alarm system.

You can also receive:

  • Text messages and notifications;
  • Audible alarms;
  • SMS text messages to be sent through your phone.
  • Any other information (including pictures) through MQTT subscriptions to your own custom topics (“Reports”).

Zanzito also supports:

  • SSL/TLS connections to the MQTT broker and dual host configuration (public/local addresses) with home WiFi auto-detection.
  • Custom voice commands for any publishing topic (“Activity”) added by the user and, EXPERIMENTALLY, continuous voice recognition.
  • Text to speech functionality (TTS) also via MQTT.
  • FIND ( for room presence detection.
  • Auto-discovery of current topics on your MQTT server.
  • Admin module to manage remotely all your Zanzito devices.
  • Remote administration via MQTT.

Once downloaded and installed, Zanzito will work in “demo” mode: it will connect to your MQTT server for each first 120 minutes every four hours. After the four hours have passed, you will have to restart the connection manually.
In demo mode you can add only one custom Activity and one custom Report and the Admin module will be restricted to your own current device.

There are two licensing levels available:

  • Base. It unlocks all current Zanzito’s functionalities except the Admin module;
  • Full. It unlocks all Zanzito’s functionalities, forever.

An upgrade from Base to Full is available.

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Mr. Mep. I’ve been watching this evolve and enough users are actively involved in this that it seems to make sense to me to create a support forum for it under Third Party Integrations. How would you feel about that?

I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but it looks really well thought out and the user response seems overwhelmingly positive. Let me know if you’d like this.


Hi @rpitera , that’s fine with me!
Do I need to do anything? If not, pllease proceed :slight_smile:

thank you


iphone app?


Nothing at all. I just sent a PM to the admins to request the category. I’ll keep you posted.


I dunno how it what u did mister Dev but it works like a charm :wink: will replace my own clouds …just awesome dude! Thanks so much


This app is great. It was key in helping me move from my vera installation which I used a notification app. Now I get notifications and 100’s of other great functions.


Loving the app MrMep, but I’m not able to share the license with my family members. It also doesn’t look like a family library app in the play store. My other family library apps say Eligible for Family Library in the description and have the icon of the home with a heart inside. Is there another way to share the license? Appreciate the great work your doing.


Just a heads up; now that the new category is up and running, I plan on closing the beta thread. A user posted there but I have pointed him here and once I see he’s posted, I’ll close the other thread to keep things straight.

Just mod stuff. LOL


Trying to set this up with cloudmqtt but keeps saying can’t connect (failed to connect).
I tried all ports (ssl, tls and websockets) but none work.
How can I get this working please?


Hi, the connection to cloudmqtt should work well.
Just check your username and password (retype them) and, if you previously imported a custom CA certificate, delete it.

You should use “Port” (10515 ?) if you don’t activate SSL/TLS connection, “SSL Port” (20515 ?) otherwise.

Also, put the server address as is, for example, without anything else.

let me know



I’m terribly sorry, but it looks like Google prevents “in app” purchases to be shared within one’s Family library. It’s not a decision in the hands of the developer.
I admit I didn’t know that until I made a little research to give you an answer: I was sure it was obvious that they had to be family shared, but I was wrong.

My apologies to everyone: I’ll keep digging to find a solution.

EDIT: Please, see here



I’ve asked this in a couple other places but ill try again here since it was moved.

I have 7 locations mapped in my house using FIND. I have 6 family members in the house. My automations for FIND are working great as single person walking around the house. But if i for example walk into my office everything turns on and my wife walks in then i walk out everything turns off on her. How would i fix this issue? Here is what ive been working on so far

- id: igps_office_occupied
  alias: iGPS Office Occupied
    platform: state
      - sensor.igps_james
      - sensor.igps_kathy
      - sensor.igps_charles
      - sensor.igps_ann
      - sensor.igps_seth
      - sensor.igps_cheyanne
    to: 'office'
    service: switch.turn_on
      - switch.receiver
      - switch.normal_lights

- id: igps_office_vacant
  alias: iGPS Office Vacant
    platform: state
      - sensor.igps_james
      - sensor.igps_kathy
      - sensor.igps_charles
      - sensor.igps_ann
      - sensor.igps_seth
      - sensor.igps_cheyanne
    from: 'office'
    - service: light.turn_off
        - light.hue_front
        - light.hue_left
        - light.hue_right
    - service: switch.turn_off

feels like i need an and condition for “if not” or “not_state” something like

    condition: and
      condition: state
        - sensor.igps_james
        - sensor.igps_kathy
        - sensor.igps_charles
        - sensor.igps_ann
        - sensor.igps_seth
        - sensor.igps_cheyanne
      not_state: 'office'

or am i looking at this all wrong?


There may be a better way but I would try a template:
value_template: >-
{%- if is_state(“sensor.igps_james”, “office”) %}
{% elif is_state(“sensor.igps_kathy”, “office”) %}

{% else %}

Then write your automations around office_sensor to empty or occupied.


Cool, I can’t wait to replace Owntracks with Zanzito on my wife and kid’s phones. Thanks for your help.


I just fixed this recently with the help of user treno. Using a template sensor like this

platform: template
    value_template: '{{not(is_state("sensor.igps_james","office")) and not(is_state("sensor.igps_kathy","office")) and not(is_state("sensor.igps_charles","office")) and not(is_state("sensor.igps_ann","office")) and not(is_state("sensor.igps_seth","office")) and not(is_state("sensor.igps_cheyanne","office"))}}'
    friendly_name: 'Office Vacant'

just made a template like above for each room.


Can you give any indication of when the notify component will be natively available in HA?


Cool if that works! I was thinking about implementing something similar for my own needs, but more of a general automation that would translate any FIND update into a HA location (zone), using the MQTT tracker: maybe it’s easier…



Frankly, I don’t have plans for that: the component is working, but I’d have to write some more testing code to adhere to HA dev standards.
May I ask if you have any particular reason for wanting an official releases of the component?



If was going to be available in one of the next releases of HA I would of wait. I might try it out following your install instructions. I find components that are native easier when doing a fresh install but that’s just my personal preference not a complaint :slight_smile: