Reliable hardware for HA

Hello fellow tinkerers

I am an automation engineer that programs industrial building control software (Basicly i program PLC’s that control the heating/cooling/ventilation/energy management,… of industrial buildings). As a sidejob I would like to start building personalised domotica.

2 years ago I realised my first project that was basicly a beckhoff CX9020 PLC that had all the switches/detectors/relais/dimmers and internal programming for them. Apart from some bugs at the start, there has never been any problems with this system, nor do I expect any for the next 20-30 years.

Half a year later, i added a raspberry pi onto there that I added openhab on (hadn’t discovered HA yet) So far, there have been 0 hiccups with this system, which has been online for nearly 2 years now, communication is established via a Modbus TCP server that runs on the PLC.

So, now I have found some interest in home assistant. I would like to make the next configuration for my next project:

  • UniPi Neuron L203, which would be responsible for the functions of both the PLC and Rpi this time around (which could eliminate communication issues, since communication is internal) this is running the HA
  • A whole bunch of relays and 0-10 dimmers (or modbus dimmers, if I ever can find any) for lighting
  • standard Niko buttons (not switches) and detectors
  • A modbus TCP connection to the heater (if possible, most heaters do have some easy way of getting data from them) From the many HVAC people i work with, this way of setting the temperature is WAY more energy efficient then third party smart thermostats that cost way too much. (i’m looking at you, "eco"bee)
  • a wall mounted fire HD tablet that serves as the central HMI for HA and as a way to use Alexa (instead of a amazon echo, which is what my last system used as a way to use voice commands)
  • (if possible) a Modbus RTU weather station, I use these a lot for my Job, easy to install, dirt cheap for what they offer, and no need for analog inputs, which also cost a lot of money

Are there any better alternatives or problems with my setup that would mess with the reliability of my system?

Thanks in advance,