Reload entities/items without core restart


I’m starting to play around with, coming from openhabian. So far I’m liking it a lot the platform but I haven’t still been able to figure out if every new addition or modification requires a reboot.

For example, I’m starting to automate my main entry door, where I have a ZWave sensor, a camera and lights. Every time I add or modify the camera component, or e.g. want to add a new timer, do I need to restart HA? Even when config is split up?

I know this is a common question but so far, browsing through the forum, have not been able to find a final answer.

thanks in advance!

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Under the Configuration menu General, you can reload the various portions of HASS.

Thanks Zarthan. Yes, I saw core, groups, automation and scripts can be reloaded. How (or maybe, where) should I define my new components to be able to reload them using those options? Let’s say, timers or cameras? Or a new switch?

It really depends. I always restart HASS when adding Zwave devices but other changes I may restart portions, say when I have made an automation change etc. I would experiment with restarting the various services after making changes. Make sure you verify the configuration before restarting anything. If restarting individual services doesn’t give you the desired results, you can always restart the HASS service. Restarting HASS can be accomplished from that same menu.

You can’t.

The only things that you can reload without a restart (currently) are groups, scripts, automations and core (which actually means customize). Oh, and now you can reload the Lovelace UI configuration.

Everything else needs a restart, though it’s a common enough complaint that it is something that the developers have said they’ll be looking at in the future. Whether that happens this year, next year, or after… that’s anybody’s guess :wink:

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thanks everyone for the answers. I’m now getting used to it. It’s a bit of an issue during the initial setup stages but then you get used to it, and mostly just modify rules using the available sensors/entities.

Hi Tinkener,

rebooting of Hass assistant is really annoying.
I read the code and I really don’t know how they could correct that because the core structure is not built to do that. It will be a lot of work rewritting all the core.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to reload a specific entity without a full restart?

e.g. My Amcrest IP cameras sometimes run into Setup Errors when rebooting if there are too many stream requests. The only solution I’ve found is to reboot the entire system and hope it works that time…but then I also have to wait between reboots due to my battery powered Z-wave devices that have to fully initialize otherwise they disappear if I reboot too quickly.